Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Me

I get so inspired by what I see during the course of a day that it can be overwhelming but in the most joyful way.  The magnificence of the color can be so breathtaking.

After attending a composting class at the Queens Botanical Garden, I spotted these lovelies walking back to my car.

One lone red tulip mixed in a sea of yellow

Immediately it caught my attention.  Had to get a little closer

And even closer.

Further into this tulip trail, I spotted this beautiful red and yellow hybrid.

Again, it drew me in.

Unitil I could see each individual stamen inside.

 I stared at nature's magnificence for a few moments. How could I not acknowledge it?

As I walked away, I turned around for yet another look. As the tulips swayed in the wind, I was mesmerized by their beauty. I was inspired and in present moment heaven.