Sunday, May 22, 2016

Another Journal to Fill

I created yet another journal that I hope will be filled with memories, reflection, random thoughts or whatever her fancy. It was a present for my mother for Mother's Day.

My mother's faith is a significant part of who she is so I used scrabble pieces and paper clips to form the section dividers. She loved it!!! And I loved making it.  

The best part is I used found objects found around my home.  It started with a box I repurposed from a package I received. It was the perfect size for the cover.

I layered the front and back with muslin using mod podge

to make the cover sane as I did for this one.

I used a scrapbook paper on the inside cover.

The library pocket was made from the corner of a manilla envelope. These days, I look at the mail I receive in a whole new way. Anything can be repurposed and upcycled.  I found a template for the library cards which I printed 4 to a page on heavy cardstock.

I couldn't find paper the exact size that I needed so I cut and trimmed  pages from a  half used composition notebook. 

Included labels and photos from her younger days to spark writing content.

Soon after I completed  it,  I was shopping at TJ Maxx and stumbled upon color pencils wrapped in a fabric holder that was almost identical to the cover! I thought they would be a nice compliment to the journal.

I have a thing for notebooks and journals with blank pages to fill and I love repurposing odds and ends to create something meaningful. There are so many ideas rattling around inside my head so I think I found yet another creative obsession calling:)

What creative obsession that is currently monopolizing your thoughts?