Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Handmade Journal Love

I made this special journal for a very special girl, my niece Jaden. 

The cover is a gessoed canvas, made from recycled cereal boxes and cardboard mailing envelopes. Although I used rubber stamps to embellish it, I hope she will redesign it and make it into whatever she wants it to be.  

Inside, is filled with all different paper types and sizes

and embellishments too!

I think I love the tab details the most. It gives it that extra little pizazz.

Positive messages, a must!

and prompts to stimulate thought. 

Most importantly, this journal is a place where she can write down her thoughts, get lost in her imagination, forgo perfection, color outside the lines and express who she is.

"Let your heart come out and play" as you "dwell in possibility" dear Jaden.

How about you? When, where and/or how do you come out and play?