Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Holding on to What is Most Meaningful

Last weekend I decided to have a garage sale despite the high temperatures that have been lingering for way too long. 

The prior weekend my husband and I had another go at the garage that never stops being a catchall for everything and anything. It was then that I decided what I would put out for sale along with some house items and furniture. 

I don't find it hard to get rid of things that have lost their usefulness except when it comes to my kids; no matter how old they get, almost 15 and 25, there stuff is sentimental because it is reminiscent of their childhood and coming of age years. 

Thinking back, those years and experiences tugs at my heart in unexplainable ways. I look at pictures and I just melt and want to go back in time. They grow up so fast! 

Despite the difficulty parting with sentimental things like my youngest's glider where we spent hours feeding, reading and gently gliding him to sleep, it was time to say goodbye.

Still in his room, only used to rest laundry waiting to be put away. Taking up way too much space in his small bedroom just no longer made sense. I had to let go and he couldn't care less.

So off the glider went with a lot of other things that no longer being used, hopefully to create new and beautiful memories for another family. I feel good about simplifying and making room for only the cherished memories and the most meaningful remnants of my life and nothing more. 

Do you struggle with letting go? Any suggestions for making the process easier?