Monday, November 23, 2015

A Little Holiday Angst

I love the holiday season, really I do, but it seems like every year it comes around faster and faster. No sooner than you pack away the holiday decorations, then it's time to pull them out again and start all over. Is it just me who feels that way? I sure hope not.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love that the  focus is on blessings, family and food. Speaking of food, although there is nothing better than sitting down to a nice spread,  quite honestly, I find the process of getting it to the table a bit overwhelming. I envy people who look forward to preparing their holiday meals. For me, however, by the days end, I'm exhausted. I sound like a holiday Debbie Downer, don't I?  I assure you, I'm not.

Now when it comes to table decor, that's where I love to dwell. Although my table never looks quite like the grandiose ideas and pics I see in blogland and on Pinterest, I have to say I sure have fun trying. LOL.

I love tablescapes, however, I don't love the storage requirements that come with accumulating tabletop accessories and multiple sets of dinnerware. Instead, I prefer to repurpose  reinvent, rearrange and use what I have. I have to say, it's extremely hard to resist all that retail tabletop goodness, especially around the holidays, but I'm getting good at doing just that.

I love this centerpiece box. I am putting this on the top of my DIY to do list.

You can find instructions for this one at The Idea Room.

I'm on the hunt for grey plaid napkins. I'm turning into gray fanatic.  Haven't found any just yet so I might even settle for a grey print or solid grey.

I found these linen napkins at Anthroplogie. The color description reads neutral but they sort of have grey undertones, I think.

Although they are adorable, the $118 price tag, most definitely is not. Ouch!

And since blue is my other favorite color, these caught my eye as well.

This lovely is $12. A set of 6 for $72? That's still a little pricey for napkins. Perhaps, I will  resort to making them as well. Hopefully, it all will come together in time for the big day.

How about you? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Do you enjoy the large meal preparation?