Thursday, October 22, 2015

An Unexpected Presence

Hey! Where did you come from? I didn't plant you. You planted your own seed. You arrived all on your own.  So unexpected. But noticed and welcomed by me.

I cleared the garden for the winter soon to come.  You're all alone, thriving on limited sun and unpredictable temperature changes characteristic of fall weather.

I will water you, notice you and appreciate the surprise of your unexpected presence.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Repurposed T-shirts

Can you recognize the origins of this crocheted piece?

I don't know why, but I have a fondness for undershirts, specifically white undershirts that are no longer suitable for their intended purpose. Yet after they have yellowed or lost their shape, their softness lingers, making them deserving of repurposing.

I wanted some color so I dyed some of them in varying shades of blue and grey.

Next, I ripped the shirts into strips and started crocheting the strips together. Since I was making a bath mat, I wanted to capitalize  on the natural  softness; however, the softness disappeared into the texture.

I needed some inspiration and happened upon this Pin.

Immediately I was smitten and used some blue yarn I had laying around to try out this technique.

I like the result, however, due to the thinness of the yarn there was openings I really didn't want. I will have to invest in some thicker yarn and give it another try.

I do enjoy the experimental  phase of  maker projects; it gets the creative wheels turning,and imagining different scenarios while incorporating inspiration all around. It doesn't matter that things don't work out as intended. Making is a process that doesn't need to be rushed but savored.

To be continued......

What have you repurposed lately?