Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Seedlings Await!

The seedlings want to go out and grow already. Is it ever going to warm up and stay that way. 

The temperature has been fluctuating so much this Spring. It's a little frustrating for those of us who are ready to get our gardens started, don't you think? 

Peas and  scallions; I will thin out the scallions when I plant them. As for the peas, I think they are hardy enough to go outside but I'm going to wait a little longer until the temperature is more consistent.  

This year I  used newspaper to make my seedling cups.

Last year, I used egg shells but I like to try new things, so I did.

Also, I purchased four mature plants weeks ago. I knew it was early, but they were priced nicely and organic.    The fact that they were on the inside because it was too cold outside didn't deter me. Waiting, to go outside, they quickly outgrew the sunny window I had them in.  Finally when I thought it was safe to do so, I put them outside to harden. However,  despite the dipping temperatures,  they seem to be holding up thankfully. I cover them with plastic and a drop cloth at night for added protection.

Ok seedlings, hang in there because soon it will be your turn to go out and grow. 

Have you started your garden or are you patiently awaiting warmer temperatures too?