Thursday, February 19, 2015

Where Do You Find Joy?

Where do you find joy?

It's really easy to find joy in the big and the wow parts of life, don't you think?
But can you find joy in the insignificant? Inside your head? In the everyday?

I find joy in the unfinished - an unfinished written piece, book or project (a reminder of my life's journey evolving.

I find joy in the hope that possibility brings. "Dwell in possibility"..... Emily Dickerson is a usual forethought.
I find joy in the different - design aesthetics, points of view, self-expression, etc.

I find joy lost in the doing, especially creating.

I find joy out on location - a bookstore, craft fair, nature, anyplace that sparks the creativity within.

I find joy in a suggestion, conversation or human connection.

More important, I find joy in being still and quiet, lost inside my thoughts. I find joy listening to my inner cheerleader voice rooting me on - an internal pep talk so to speak - "YES YOU CAN! KEEP GOING, YOU CAN DO IT!" - the antithesis of the negative voices that used to consume me, robbing me of my best self.

On a good day, and sometimes on a not so good day, I can even find tiny bits of joy in the midst of the plain, ordinary moments that have little or no wow factor. That's joy at it's best and when I am most thankful and happy.

How about you? Where do you find joy?