Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Does a Blank Page Scare You?

I am afraid of a blank page! Crazy, right?  Oh sure, writing my thoughts down is an effortless task and my go-to for self-expression. But when I entertain the thought of taking it to the next level, a visual or graphical level, I cringe and hold myself back. The judgemental thoughts start swirling around in my mind and I allow non-productive hold me back from expressing myself on a deeper level. Why? Can you relate? I sure hope so. I so don't want to be alone on this.

Let's put this into perspective. Isn't it just a piece of paper? What's the worst thing that can happen? An attempt doesn't turn out as envisioned? It falls short of what inspired me to make the attempt in the first place. Why is that so terrible? A different result then anticipated? My result? Your result? Is that what keeps one from embarking on a journey in the first place?

I realize now that the blank page represents fear. Your fear, my fear, any one's fear. It represents the barrier to anything we shy away from for fear of  not being good enough or messing up. We avoid it, try not to think about it and find other things to distract us from thinking about that pesky blank page. But guess what? It's not going anywhere! If we shy away from that one page, how many other pages opportunities will we shy away from? Perhaps a toddler approach is the best way to begin eradicating the fear; reverting back to a time when blank pages weren't scary and coloring outside the lines was perfectly acceptable! Anything we created was worthy and a masterpiece to be proudly displayed.

If you too find yourself resisting the blank page, how about we make a pack? Let's toss aside perfection and expectations! Results are not important, but taking that  plunge is! With  that classic Joan Crawford conviction, let's say it together,  "NO MORE BLANK PAGES!" LOL Let's move past the fear to a place that has only our personal best in mind. Let's focus on the ultimate goal, and that is showing the world who we truly are.

With that said, what does the blank page symbolize for you? What is the blank page in your life? A cyber penny for your thoughts?