Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Joy and Happiness

I love quotes, so much so I have a diary of quotes that I refer to often.  Recently, my sister and I had a conversation about happiness and she shared a quote she heard on rebroadcast of Super Soul Sunday with Shawn Achor: "Happiness is the Joy we feel striving towards our potential ". Love that!

This aligns perfectly with my  "year to dare"  2016 state of mind as I am happy, joyous and excited about my vision for the new year. At the same time, fearful, cautious  and  apprehensive thoughts infiltrate my pysche as well. As  the seesaw of emotions totters within me, I make a point to focus on the bubbling joy, rather than allowing fear to consume me.

About 5 years ago, I realized that I had a book inside of me begging to get out. Although, I wasn't sure just what type of  book, I just began writing  from within. Three years ago, things started coming together and I have been working on it passionately ever since. Yet there's a small part of me that doubts the message, my abilities as a writer and whether or not future readers will be receptive. With trepidation, I forced myself to attend a writer's group and  writer's conference in search of feedback. Suffice it to say, for the most part I have remained protective and that protectiveness is rooted in fear. This year, I vow and dare to do better.

As I strive toward my potential, I can prevent self-sabotage and indecisive behavior from taking over.  It's only normal to feel angst and discomfort as we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, right? Remaining mindful and present of all we are feeling, especially when feelings are at opposite ends of the spectrum,  can be a beautiful blessing, don't you think? It allows us the opportunity to acknowledge and recognize fear for what it is, disengage from it, so that we can press on.

So how about you? Experiencing any tug of wars from within? What or how do you keep the negative thoughts and feelings at bay?