Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Holiday Gift Blooms

My boss knows me too well! When I unwrapped my holiday gift, I was ecstatic!

A rustic box populated with paperwhite bulbs. Yes!!!!

And a most wonderful message, "BELIEVE".

This gift is not about immediacy, rather, it's about patience.

The patience of watching, observing and waiting for these bulbs to grow and mature into fragrant blooms.

They have already grown to record heights each one, a different height.

Everyday, I pause to appreciate its growth, waiting patiently for the blossoms to appear.  If not today, then maybe tomorrow.

And behold, tomorrow has come! A bloom appears. Delightful tiny white petals peak out, barely there, yet very fragrant.

I adore this beautiful gift of patience. You did well boss, you did well!

Wondering why or how my boss knows me so well?  Well, it just so happens that my boss also happens to be my husband. LOL Yes, I work for the husband. Thankfully, however, it's a partnership that works.