Saturday, February 27, 2016

DIY for B2B

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat stressful At the last minute I was given the task of putting together a company table for a B2B event.

I had 10 days to scramble around and design a brochure, find and a company to rush order personalized pens and USB flash drives, order a tablecloth, and table overlay (with logo). 

Doesn't sound or look like much, but there were a lot of details that factored into everything including delivery time, file formats, assembly time etc. The last delivery arrived the night before.

As for the overlay, I couldn't find one that could be ordered and arrive in time, so I went to Joann's Fabric, found suitable fabric and made one myself. I found  a local embroidery/screen printing shop to screen print our logo on it. I lost some days sending the wrong file formats. I finally enlisted my son to use Adobe Illustrator to trace the files I had to create the vector files needed. What an ordeal! The logo placement was a little off (my mistake) but I made it work. I will alter it for future events. I liked how it turned out, because it was different from the kind you normally see. All in all, I was happy with the look. I thought the candy dish was going to be a unique touch, but many had the same idea. 

Now that I know what goes into this kind of event, I will be better prepared for the next time. I learned a lot. Live and learn, right? So glad it was on Friday. Afterward, I went home and literally crashed. I think it will take most of the weekend to recover and restore order to my home, in slow mode of course. No marathon cleaning sessions for me this weekend.