Friday, December 4, 2015

Opening a Drawer to Thankfulness

Nothing gives me more pleasure than making with whatever you find lying around. And so an orphaned drawer turned Thanksgiving centerpiece remains on the table because like many simple things, it makes me smile.

I was planning to construct a box from leftover pieces of wood, however,  in my search for suitable pieces of wood, I found  this drawer and thought, why not?

Found some old hardware and wooden knobs and well. 

Removed the drawer front and decided on the round pull. Cleaned it up just enough to retain it's old world charm.

Reinforced the bottom and added the knobs for feet.

Made some chalkboard paint using some leftover unsanded grout and flat paint.

So simple and quick. Using what you have makes for the best kind of crafting.

Yep,  our official day of giving thanks is over, however, this drawer will remain open as a reminder to bask in thankfulness all year long.